Klauwd.com is a Dutch non-profit hosting project and provides its members with unmanaged VPS services. We offer an unprecedented level of freedom and complete control in two main areas: Guest OS and network services. This means you’ll have complete control over every aspect of your virtual machine, your data and network access. You can install the Guest OS you want (Windows, Linux, BSD, etc.), configure it the way you like it and run any application you like. Basically, you can do with your VM whatever you want. Want to run a nested virtualization lab (OpenStack, vSphere, Hyper-V, etc)? I like that! Just want to run your own webserver? well, that’s a bit boring, but why not?

The same goes for networking: the Klauwd.com network stack lets you have complete control and visibility over the flow of data and network configuration. Want to use NAT? Sure. Don’t want to use NAT? Fine by me. Want a firewall? Go ahead. Run an IPSEC site-to-site VPN to your VM? Awesome! Like SSL VPN better? We do too. We virtualize and isolate the network so you and your fellow members won’t suffer from the ‘noisy neighbor’ problem.


However, there two sides to this coin. Klauwd.com’s unmanaged VPS service might not be suitable to those wanting to ‘just’ run a web- or mailserver: you’ll have to install, configure and maintain the entire software stack of your virtual machine. If you’re up to the task and want complete control and visibility, then we’re the right match. Don’t know Apache from nginx? You’re better off signing up for a hosted wordpress.com or tryghost.org blog.

Our stack

Klauwd.com uses a hyperconverged hard- and software stack. Add in some VMware vSphere for server virtualization, VMware vCloud Networking & Security software-defined network virtualization and a dash of cloud orchestration and self-service, and you’ll soon realize we run a serious cloud environment for a non-serious price. Although we strive for high availability and high uptimes, we can only offer a ‘best-effort’ SLA, otherwise know as the go home, Klauwd, you’re drunk SLA. Our uptime is in the 99,99% range with only minutes of downtime each month.

Profit == progress

Klauwd.com is a non-profit project: we don’t intend to make any profit, and if we do, we do fancy upgrades or lower the monthly fee. Every member has a say in future plans and upgrades. The community of members is very active and open; we wholeheartedly welcome personal initiatives and suggestions to further the quality of the platform. We are constantly looking at the (server- and storage-)virtualization market to incorporate good ideas into our own platform. Network Virtualization and the use of a converged infrastructure are just a couple of examples of this.

Join the conversation

If you’re interested in joining, we invite you to join #klauwd on our own IRC-server, irc.klauwd.com. You can also send an e-mail to ops@klauwd.com with your question or request.